Tidbits from Craftfully Yours by Cara

  • The Easter Season - how do you celebrate the down time?

    Easter means different things to different people. To some, it’s about the Easter Bunny who brings treats for the kids. To others it is a Christian occasion celebrating the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. For some there is no such thing called ‘Easter’.

    How do you celebrate? Add a craft kit to your downtime and get some quality family time in.

  • Indeed Spring has Sprung!

    Spring signifies a new start - a beginning of sorts. It’s the end of greys and browns - the start of green, growth and colours. An opportunity to look forward to the crops coming out of limbo onwards to shine in their glory. A time to start producing. It’s a season of growth.

    Like the crops coming out of the ground, let us focus on the resetting of our minds. Perhaps we need some reminders that we are good enough, that we can do it! That we have what at it takes. Daily affirmations are a good way to remind us of this and resets our minds continually. Continue to affirm “I AM Enough”!


  • A personalized cutting board is a beautiful, treasured gift; but how do you care for it?

    To care for your personalized cutting board, cut on the non-engraved side, hand wash and use and  wax treat it monthly. This preserves your design and ensure you can treasure for years to come.

  • At Just For You Creations, we aim to cater to your individual needs!

    At Just For You: Custom Creations we aim to cater to your individual needs, but with the standard of quality you all desire, and indeed deserve! That is why we are offering to you the beautiful products you see on our website. Personalizing a gift makes it unique and meaningful. 

    If you have made a purchase, then Enjoy in a manner that celebrates your uniqueness. In a manner that is uniquely YOU! If not, stop by, we would be happy to personalize something jist for you!
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